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Fox Agency Newsletter Volume 6 August 12, 2011

New McLean® Thermoelectric Cooler
No Compressors, Refrigerant or Filters, to Service and Maintain
Easy to Use - 60W, 100W or 200W with 24VDC or 48VDC Operation
Ideal for small Indoor and outdoor enclosures. Two fans circulate air over a thermoelectric element for rugged, reliable, extended, low maintenance operation.
Contact Us Today for a demonstration, application help and a competitive cost quotation.
Benefits Thermoelectric Web Page
  •  No Compressor or Refrigerant
  •  Compact Filterless Design
  •  Reliable, Low Maintenance Operation
  •  Isolated Internal & External Air Flow Reduces Contaminants
  •  24 or 48VDC Operation
  •  Cooling Capacities - 60-200W (204 to 682 BTUs/hr)
  • UL Type 4; IP65 Rating & CE
  • Can Heat as Well as Cool
  • Low Noise and Vibration
McLean Thermoelectric Enclosure Cooler
Thermal Management Catalog Click to download Cable Managment Catalog Section

    Pentair's McLean Brand offers the largest range of enclosure thermal management products:
-   SPECTRACOOL™ Air Conditioners
-   Side Mount Filter Fans
-   Vortex Coolers
-   CLIMAGUARD™ Heat Exchangers
-   Fans, Blowers, Louvers and Vents

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