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Fox Agency Newsletter Volume 1 May 16, 2011
PGR-6800 Pump Protection Control PGR-6800 Pump Protection System
Designed for small-to medium-sized pumps up to 1000VAC, the PGR-6800 consolidates older relays and controls to offer pump specific protection features with integrated CTs. Integrated CTs (to 90A) lower your installed cost. Accurate, positive pump protection helps reduce or eliminate emergency downtime costs. The PGR-6800 provides postive alarm indication when a phase problem occurs.
5 Protective Functions Download Data Sheet
  •  Overload 
  •  Phase Loss 
  •  Phase Sequence
  •  Phase Unbalance 
  •  Undercurrent 
Littelfuse Pump Protection
Features & Benefits Click to download Data Sheet
  •  Integrated current transformers lower installed cost
  •  Adjustable current setting for different motor sizes 
  •  Adjustable trip class for different applications
  •  Alarm indication helps reduce troubleshooting time
  •  DIN-rail mounting for faster installation and removal
  •  5 Year Warranty - UL Listed removal
    Littelfuse offers these other motor, pump and system protection relays: Ground fault protection, resistance grounding, motor & pump protection, feeder protection, supplemental monitoring, current transformers and accessories.
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